W-9 Form

How to Fill Out a W9 Form for a Nonprofit Corporation

IRS has a very specific method for corporation differentiation. Some of them are put under a classification that makes them exempt from filing taxes. However, any representative in this category will need to file the blank w-9 form.

How to Define a Nonprofit Corporation?

Those types should meet the following criteria:

  1. To be engaged in activities only for charity reasons;
  2. Be organized for scientific or public safety activities;
  3. Be positioned as a religious organization;
  4. Those who collect investments for charity events or legitimate charities;
  5. Those who previously filed the document;
  6. If the organization is positioned as a nonprofit and provides services not related to its purpose, then it has to report taxes and file a w-9 form.

To be sure that your firm belongs to the tax-exempt category, visit the official Internal Revenue Service website and use a specialized search. It will help you to better identify your company and find more supporting information.

Tips to Complete Your Form W-9 Online

Any nonprofit corporation that earns money needs to include the following information in the w-9 PDF blank:

  1. The name of the corporation filling out the template. Insert the full official name included in the official document;
  2. The mailing address of your company, together with the TIN. That is the number used for tax payment identification;
  3. Your organization should not complete the line containing exempt payee code or Compliance Act Reporting Code since it is not applicable in your case;
  4. Add detailed information supporting why your nonprofit company should be exempt from paying taxes. In your case it is the IRS code 501;
  5. Add your signature;

As you can see, the PDF template is quite short and doesn't take a long time to fill out. The fastest way to file the form is to do so digitally.