IRS W-9 Form
IRS W-9 Form

IRS W-9 Form 2018-2019

Who Should Submit IRS W-9 Form and When

The W-9 form is one of the most widely used tax templates. It is very often filled out by freelancers and individual contractors.

The document is a confirmation to the IRS that your business is paying the proper amount of taxes. The form can also be used to report payments if two or more businesses decide to cooperate with each other. Not every single payment made that year is necessarily included in the blank - such as payments less than $600.

If you intend to work with someone as an independent contractor, you should be ready to provide your latest sample. And this year, be sure to send your W9 2019 to the IRS before the thirty-first of January.

How to Create The Document Online

The employee can get the sample from the company he/she works at. The best way to avoid making any mistakes is to complete it online. Open the blank W9 form PDF in the online editor and complete the sample with a powerful and multi-functional toolkit. The following recommendations will help you to complete the document quickly and easily:

  1. Click on the highlighted area and insert the necessary information.
  2. Use the “Next” button to move between fields.
  3. To select one or several items on the list use the “Check” tool.
  4. Check the taxpayer details you have included several times to make sure all information is accurate.
  5. To add your legally binding initials, type in your full name or draw your signature.

Tips to Fill out a PDF Blank

The IRS form W 9 is one of the most easier tax forms to fill out. The taxpayer should include the following details:

  1. Personal data and full postal address.
  2. Include the business name or your entity name if it differs from your personal name.
  3. Provide the Federal Tax Classification details.
  4. Add exemption codes, if you undergo them.
  5. Insert your Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number. Add Employee Identification as well.
  6. Sign the final part of the sheet, certifying that all the information that you have provided, is correct.

Where to Send The Ready Example

Since the 2019 W-9 is an Internal Revenue Service template, most individuals think it is only sent there, but you should also know a copy is necessary for your employer. Do not forget to notify the company that hired you as an independent contractor about any change in address.


Where can I find a fillable W-9 form online?
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