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How to prepare W-9 Form

Open the form's template
Filling out W-9 Form on the internet and sending it electronically can help you save a lot of effort and time. Use our effective editor to read, fill in, and deliver the form.
Fill out the blank
Now you may full out all parts of the form and sign the file online. Double-check if all information provided is precise and error-free.
Submit digitally
After you click on the DONE button, the accomplished form will be saved, and you may deliver it by email or print it out and send it at any convenient time.

About W-9 Form

The W-9 is used to report income that is related to work done and expenses paid for goods and services to perform that work, and if any income is paid in more than 1 year, the full year should be included. However, some deductions and credits can be taken based on income in the year the payment is made, even if it was not received in the current year. A new year's income, or an amount paid that qualifies for the standard deduction, may seem small but may be considered substantial based on the number of hours or days worked by an employee. These and other rules can cause a W-9 to be inaccurate. Do your best to ensure that the contractor has filed it as required. In addition, before you file any Form W-9s, verify the information contained in it is correct. If it isn't, then it will not give you the proper information your contractor needs to pay you what you agreed to. What you need to know about this common IRS tax form. 1) What are W-9s? a) Form W-9 This is a three-part form that shows up on each of the 3,300 or so Forms 1099 that small business taxpayers receive each year. 1. Employer's name, address, and TIN of the person or company that hires the employee. a. Employer — A person or entity that hires an individual to perform work for them. b. TIN — U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which is an arm of the Department of Homeland Security with a mission to protect the nation. They issue Form W-9 upon request to employers. c. Date — The date paid, or when the wages are actually received. d. Amount — The amount paid as determined by the payment schedule. (For pay information, refer to Publication 15 and the W-4 instructions.) 2. Date of payment — For payment on the due date of the pay stub (the 30th of the 4th month), use the last-dated pay stub if it exists or the date the Form W-9 is signed. If the Form W-9 is signed after the date of payment, use the date the Form 1099 is filed. 3. Employer's name, address, and TIN of the payee. a. Employer — The person or entity that issued the W-9.

About Form W-9

The W-9 Tax Form is one of the easiest reports to fill out. You've probably already heard about it, but let's delve into it in a little more detail and analyze all the essential information.

This form is meant to be prepared by freelance workers and other taxpaying residents of the U.S. in order to prtaxpayer ID and the corresponding certification.

According to the IRS website, you are considered a resident for federal tax purposes if you can relate to the following:

  1. Individual citizen or foreigner who permanently resides in the country.
  2. A legal entity such as a company, partnership or corporation established or started up in the U.S. or under its laws.
  3. An inheritance fund (except foreign).
  4. National trust fund.

The W-9 report is a basic doc for ICs or freelancers, including business-consultants, trade workers and those who hire them. The business asks the contractors to fill out the W-9 if their profit income exceeds $600. The data is meant to be used on a 1099 Information Return. Additionally, it helps financial institutions request a specific customer’s information. Those who are self-employed use it to avoid backup withholding.

Keep in mind not to submit the W-9 to the IRS. Submit it only to the requester.

Did you know?

The Form W-9 can't be signed by a power of attorney unless it specifically states that the agent/lawyer has the right to certify tax documents or forms (with or without copies thereof), or if a form 2848 is provided. If you sign this template on behalf of the organization, you must confirm that you are authorized to sign.

What are the Components of a W-9 Form?

You can get the necessary blank template from your employers or download it for free. But in order to prepare the document correctly and without errors, we recommend using an online sample.

There should be no corrections. If you make a mistake when filling out the sample manually, you will need to start all over again, including the print process. However, this is a waste of time and paper. Electronic filing is more convenient. The W-9 sheet components contain appropriate lines for your answers. You can easily replace incorrect information in an editable document online at any time. Moreover, you can complete this web-based sample from any device and e-sign it in seconds.

Our step-by-step free instructions will help you to fill out the blank W-9 Form faster than ever before.


Enter your full name the same as it's presented on your personal income tax return or the corporate name.

Keep in mind, if you change your name you must inform the SSA. If you don’t report it, you must first enter the name as it appears on your social insurance and then type in the new one. This field must be filled in and not left blank.

online w-9 tax form box 1


If you have specified the name of the juridical body in the first line, you do not need to repeat it again. Fill it in only if your business and legal name are different. You can also leave this field empty if you are working on your own behalf as a sole contractor but not on behalf of the company or partnership.

w9 form box 2


Only one variant should be chosen in this column. If you act and work as a private person, tick the checkmark next to the individual/sole proprietor. If not, choose another appropriate federal tax category. If your company is an LLC, mark the box and indicate the letter C, S or P in the appropriate field. In case you have the Other type, see the instructions.

w-9 tax form box 3


Prthe exempted beneficiary code and the FATCA exemption code in the appropriate fields. This box is not the obligatory one, but fill out if applicable. Usually, private contractors have no exemptions of additional retention. However, corporations could be exempt. If you have any questions, seek independent tax advice.

w9 tax form box 4


Start to enter your address. For example, 1255 Princeton Ave, apt 93.

If your legal address does not match your place of residential real estate, use the one you put on your tax return.

online w-9 box 5


Continue the address with the city, state and ZIP code as in the example: New York, NY 11256.

irs w9 form box 6


It is not an obligatory field. Remember that the IRS Form W-9 will only apply to the mentioned account, and you will need to pranother record for your other accounts.


The fillable W-9 is for people who must file an information declaration to obtain the TIN of the recipient of payments (or another person) to avoid backup withholding. A Social Security Number (SSN) acts as a TIN for sole individuals.

For foreign residents, if you do not have an SSN or are not entitled to one, you must enter an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) or an Employer Identification Number in this field — for legal entities, this is the Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Note: A valid U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) always will consist of nine digits.

A TIN should not be used as a taxpayer identification number if it:

  1. Contains anything other than numbers.
  2. Contains more or less than 9 digits.
  3. Comprises 9 identical digits.
  4. Consists of 9 consecutive numerals (in ascending or descending order).

If you do not have a TIN and you intend to apply for one or have already applied for one, please enter “Applied for” in the field. You will have 60 days to pryour TIN numbers to the Bank.

form w-9 part 1


The purpose of the last fillable box is for the certification of the document.

Please sign these papers and enter the date. If you sign the W-9 tax form on behalf of a legal entity, you must confirm that you are authorized to set the signature.

You can sign electronically. The online PDF editor allows you to create your customized legally binding eSignature.

Pay attention to the certification instructions on the page.

form w9 part 2


The W-9 tax forms were created by the federal government and are used by company entities you work with to receive information about your tax status. Once completed, the form will be sent directly to the company you cooperate with, not to the IRS. According to tax classification, you can be the subject to backup withholdings if you didn't respond to the request for taxpayer identification.

Businesses need this information to know which tax to deduct from your payments (if necessary) and to submit the appropriate tax forms to the tax authorities on your behalf.

In compliance with the definition of Revenue Service, an independent contractor is a person, corporation or business to present the work when only the result is under control, not all the actions and the process.

For your convenience, you can use the free online sample. An advanced PDFfiller editor offers a set of powerful tools to quickly complete the fillable W-9 form from any device. Moreover, this electronic sample is more secure than filling out a paper one. So your confidential information is protected and stays safe. The preparing and signing process takes minutes and afterward you can email, print or download the file to use in the future.

A payer who cooperates with freelancers will have to submit a Form 1099-MISC at year-end and the W-9 will prthe name, address, and TIN of the contractor. Many recipients send this form to payers each year to give them current evidence about the individuals and businesses they deal with.

Online alternatives allow you to organize your doc management and enhance the efficiency of your respective workflow. Abide by the fast information to be able to finished IRS W-9 Form, refrain from errors and furnish it inside a well timed way:

How to complete a blank w 9 2022 printable?

  1. On the website while using the variety, click Begin Now and go with the editor.
  2. Use the clues to complete the relevant fields.
  3. Include your own information and phone data.
  4. Make confident which you enter right info and figures in best suited fields.
  5. Carefully take a look at the subject matter in the type as well as grammar and spelling.
  6. Refer to assist area in case you have any queries or deal with our Guidance workforce.
  7. Put an electronic signature on the IRS W-9 Form when using the guidance of Sign Tool.
  8. Once the form is concluded, press Executed.
  9. Distribute the all set type by way of electronic mail or fax, print it out or help you save with your device.

PDF editor will allow you to make alterations to your IRS W-9 Form from any internet linked system, customize it based on your needs, indicator it electronically and distribute in several methods.

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FAQ - W-9 Form

What is the purpose of W-9 Form ?
W-9 Form is the information you fill out once your pay or salary has been reported to your employer on an IRS Form 1099-MISC, or if your employer only has Form 1099-MISC for your pay, then it is just Form 1099-MISC for all income. The purpose of Form W-9 Form is to show your employer your share of federal taxes deducted from your pay. If your employer has not paid all federal taxes you owe, tell them now and wait to file another W-9 Form after the first one is filed. Who should fill out W-9? You should get all the information you need on Form W-9 from your employer and include it in the W-9. For more information on W-9 Fill out a W-9 Form. I got a payment for work in another country on Dec. 31, but on March 31, filed Form 1099-MISC for the year (tax return) for the year when the payment was received. Am I still supposed to file Form 1099-MISC? You will still be allowed to file Form 1099-MISC even though you received the payment in December. If you paid taxes on Jan 1, you still have until March 31 to get the proper amounts remitted. However, if March 31 is a Saturday or a Sunday, you will not need to file until April, as long as you have received a remittance by that date. If you have not received a W-9 form, go to and file Form 4868, which is used to request payment from the IRS for a refund and to show that you filed a tax return. The Form 4868 also tells you to include your own remittance (Form 1099-MISC) on your Form 1040, Individual Income Tax Return. Are there any exceptions to the deadline to give a W-9 to your employer ? Yes! There are two cases: If you received a payment for a period that ended in December 2014, and you filed Form 1099-MISC by April 15. In such a situation, you may not need to file another Form 1099-MISC. If you received a payment for a period that ended on the last day of December 2014, and you filed Form 1099-MISC by March 15.
Who should complete W-9 Form ?
You should complete W-9 form for any foreign person who does not reside abroad and will be a taxpayer for federal income tax purposes in the United States. The information should be provided for the foreign source in the form. Please click here for W-9 Form FAQ (PDF) W-9 Form for Individual Companies There are so many forms required but if your company is small, you can get away with just W-9 form. This form should only be completed by an authorized person named on a company's balance sheet page and should always be signed by those persons. (Don't worry, we have a form for that too!) How to Complete the W-9 Form? Here's the basic format for a W-9 Form: Company information Name of the person submitting the form Date: This date should be on the front of the form What is the address for the business which is reporting? This should be on the company letter. What is the place in the world the company is located? Provide that location on the form. The address for the business in the country which should report should be clearly shown on the company letter as well. If the W-9 information matches that from the income tax return, use the same format and provide the same date. How do I get a W-9 form? Do I Need Any Other Documents? No. You won't actually have to pay someone to complete the W-9 form and the instructions will be easy to understand. Some companies may charge a fee to get a copy of the form so that you can check the information when filing your tax return. Please click here for W-9 Request Form FAQ (PDF) How does the W-9 work? The W-9 Form must be submitted by the person×company who is reporting the income to meet the reporting requirements of the Internal Revenue Code. The income must be reported to the IRS on your company's income tax return. The IRS uses “Form W-9” to determine which corporation you will be report your income to. Form W-9 can be downloaded from the IRS website: You must not submit the Form W.
When do I need to complete W-9 Form ?
The W-9 Form is an employmentĂ—revenue tax return for most employers. It covers a broad range of items from wages and salaries to tips, gratuities and other business expenses. With this form, you must report the following: The tax and social security amount deducted (if any) from wages and salary; What portion of compensation for which social security taxes were paid; How much was paid in social security taxes before the W-4 form; How much of a business expense deduction was used to satisfy payroll taxes; How much was deducted under your non-employee trade or business, including social security contributions made by your spouse; If any portion of social security tax for non-spouses was paid with after-tax dollars, the amount and date of those payments; Total compensation; What percentage of the total compensation (including wages and salary as well as any retirement contributions and employer contributions) was withheld (to satisfy the social security payroll tax withholding requirement); and What business expenses were deducted as business income and for which social security taxes were paid. Additional information on the W-9 is available through the IRS. For further assistance, please call the IRS toll-free number at. Can I update my W-9 form with additional wages? There are various sources of updates that businesses may want to do on their W-9 forms. Some updates include: In the event that there were contributions to the plan that were not deducted on Form W-3 or W-4. Any changes due to changes in the type of business entity or changes in the status of the job. The tax status of the employee, or to make sure that your contributions were in whole dollars and that all social security tax deductions were made using after-tax dollars. Are wages and social security tax withheld on Forms W-4 and W-10? Yes. Social security taxes are withheld on all Forms W-4 and W-10 that are not accompanied by an accompanying W-3. The reason for withholding social security taxes is to offset the social security tax liability. You may wish to file the W-9 form for any new pay received if you think the employer could be required to pay social security taxes based on your new compensation. If you earn wages, and you don't withhold social security taxes, don't.
Can I create my own W-9 Form ?
Yes. See our Form pages for details. W-9 Tax Forms available online can only open for Tax Year 2. These forms can only be used when filed by you, the person who received it, using the electronicĂ—paper filing system (eFSĂ—. Non-US citizens are not required to submit W-9 tax forms. See the Non-Resident Non-Domestic Filing Status page for questions and instructions.
What should I do with W-9 Form when it’s complete?
Fill in the W-9 form and send it to the IRS with all supporting documentation. The IRS will contact you directly for additional information. Q: I forgot to include the Form W-9 in my tax return. Where should I send it? The IRS recommends that you send your form to the address on the form. When you send a tax return to the IRS, your Form W-9 will be mailed to you. The IRS will then use your address on the form to contact you for any additional information needed. The IRS does not receive all completed Form W-9 forms. If you have requested an electronic filing option, the IRS will send you an information package by mail to your last known postal location. This package will include all supporting documentation and any W-9 information you need to file your return. Q: Where can I obtain additional information? The IRS will provide additional information at, at telephone numbers for individuals, or on the Internet at or on the IRS Facebook and Twitter Accounts. To learn more about tax filing online, go to the IRS Virtual Tax Clinic. For more information on W-9, go to. If you file Form 1098-T, the IRS will ask for your Form W-9.
How do I get my W-9 Form ?
Go directly to our Customer Service Center The W-9 may be obtained and processed by contacting our Customer Service Center at The customer will be given a confirmation number and instructions for providing the W-9 to their employer on their personal business account. The employee's employer does not need to obtain a copy of the W-9 from our offices, but they will need a personal W-9 form as well. Please be certain that you provide us with the correct information — your personal account and employer account are not the same. Please note: We cannot accept photocopies of your W-9 form without additional information. Our W-9 form is for use in the ; we can not mail it to foreign countries. What if I am a state or local government employee? Please use the employee locator located on the W-9 form to locate your specific employee identification number or title. Be sure and provide the address on the form exactly what is on the ID×title, or write in the appropriate area of the form. Your state or local government will need to have their own form to process your W-9, which may not be available at your current address (we do have the information available for several major cities); check with the state department. What are Form W-8 and Form W-9? Form W-8 is used for employees seeking compensation for overtime or shift work. The Forms W-8 may be obtained directly from our employees' supervisors. Form W-9 is used by employers for employees seeking compensation for shifts. The Forms W-9 may be obtained directly from our employees' supervisors. It is essential that the employer and the employee complete both forms and keep them signed. If, in the absence of an agreement with the employee, one form is not kept signed by both the employer and the employee, the employee will be disqualified from receiving compensation for shifts worked with a shift pay method. Where is the W-9 Form for Employees of the Internal Revenue Service? The W-9 form is only available to employees of the Internal Revenue Service. It can be obtained at the IRS Customer Service Center at. What is the W-9 Form for Nonprofits? The W-9 form is required for non-profit organizations seeking compensation for shift work. The Forms W-9 may be obtained from the.
What documents do I need to attach to my W-9 Form ?
You are not required to submit any paper work with your W-9. The only documents that are required to submit are your W-2, your Form 1040 and Schedule C. See the Instructions for Form W-9 for complete requirements. Do I need to pay W-9 tax to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA.
What are the different types of W-9 Form ?
Some of the things you're asked to check when conducting a W-9 form. To what extent are we obligated to give you the information on the form, and what is the penalty for not doing it? Are certain types of information not covered, or cannot be collected from me on the W-9 form, like tax refunds, W-2 forms, and employment history? How to apply for a refund? What is refundable and non-refundable? Can I get the IRS to modify my W-9 form, or even deny it? What is a W-2? When are W-2s sent to taxpayers? What is the W-2 form used for and how does the IRS use it? When do W-2s have to be filed? Types of W-2 Forms — W-2 What does an employee make on a W-2 ? What kind of W-2 does an employee file? What about an independent contractor? What is the difference between a regular and an independent business? What is the W-6? How does it differ from Form 1099? What is a W-6A? Other W-6 Forms How do I use a W-6A? W-6A — Employer's Self-Employment Tax What is an Employer's Self-Employment Tax or E-2? How are you supposed to calculate E-2? How do I calculate my E-2? I don't realize that E-2 is required — does it affect my refund? Which W-6 Forms can be issued by the employer? How do I find the person that issued an W-2 in my area? (see “What is the W-5 form?”) Is W-2 a tax form that gets reported on my tax return as well as my 1040? How do I reconcile W-2 and W-7 Forms? What is a W-3? How do I use an W-3 Form? How to use a W-2C ? If your employer did not report on your tax return for more than three months, can you go back to the employer and ask for a copy of the W-2 with the most recent.
How many people fill out W-9 Form each year?
The Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2013 there were approximately a million people who filled out their W-9 Forms. That's approximately 1 out of every adult in the United States. Here's a little more on how that number breaks down… About 1 out of 5 individual tax returns are filed by small business taxpayers Nearly 1 out of 5 individual taxpayers are filing returns claiming the child as a dependent on their federal returns. The number of individuals filing federal taxes has been rising since the recession ended. The average annual wage for a full-time, year-round worker making between the ages of 20 and 64 is 39,566. Of course there are a lot of ways to file your own taxes (form 1040) but that's just one of the ways that employers are trying to get a leg up on employees who have to fill out the W-9 form. If you're wondering how all this applies to you, be sure to check out my latest article on why many employers are not paying a living wage to their employees.
Is there a due date for W-9 Form ?
Answer: There is no definite due date for your W-9 Form. The due date for your W-9 Form is the date you file it with the IRS. The due date of your return depends upon the filing status, amount of gross wages, and the filing status of your payees. Note: The due date is based on your actual calendar year-end. You pay taxes on April 15 to June 15 of the following year and, therefore, must file your W-9 by May 31. Therefore, your actual due date may be earlier than the due date stated in the instructions and×or on your W-9 Form. If you use Form W-2G for the year in which you are filing, the due dates of Form W-2G for the period beginning on February 15 and ending on June 15 do not differ. If your W-9 contains a special “due date” or “due date” of. . . In most cases, these dates include the dates of when you are paid and when you are due pay taxes, but do not necessarily include the exact dates of pay or receipt. To determine the special “due date” or “due date,” please see the instructions in the specific W-9 form that you have received. For detailed information on the due dates on all W-9 Forms, see the W-9 Instructions and Form W-9: Instructions for Filing. Back to top When do I have to file your tax return? Answer: You must file your tax return no later than the due date shown on your W-9 (and any extensions×. If you do not receive your W-9 or any extensions, do not file your return. For more information, see Pub. 971 at When do I have to pay tax? Answer: You should pay taxes on time. There is no tax due unless your refund is deposited with the IRS by the same day you pay the tax. A non-resident alien employee who does not pay all or part of his tax on time is subject to penalties and×or may not be granted an extension of time to pay his tax. The due dates of most returns can be found on Form 941 with Instructions and×or Form 943 with Instructions. If you owe federal income tax and are not sure of the due date of your return.
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